Wedding Planning Checklist

Wedding planning checklist

The wedding planner and guide will help you make the most of your time and effort. The available resources can be planned in a very efficient way and tasks can be assigned to competent people so that the ceremony will take place without any difficulty to guests. After the engagement, you should prepare for the wedding ceremony. The budget, size and style should be discussed with parents. You should also find out who pays for what so that there will be absolute clarity.

Perfect arrangements

The wedding date and time should be fixed subject to the availability of the vendor. You can create a binder so organize your thoughts, photos and worksheets. The job will be made easy by hiring a wedding consultant. If you can afford those expenses, there will be great convenience. You will be able to perform many tasks in the limited period and there will not be any confusion at any point of time.

You should make initial contact with vendors and references. As you start a dialogue and obtain quotes from multiple vendors, you will be able to settle for the best vendor without any issues. The pre-marital counseling can be scheduled by meeting the clergy member. The wedding and reception sites should be reserved and you should also strike a deal with the caterer.

You should register at local bridal registries. The photographer, videographer and musician should be hired so that there will be fond memories after the ceremony. The musician should be able to entertain the audience at wedding ceremony as well as reception as per your style and theme. You can discuss various aspects with them so that you will settle for the best service.

The transportation arrangements to and from the wedding hall to the reception should be arranged and the information should be conveyed prominently to guests through various way. You should setup a wedding site so that images and information will be uploaded at regular intervals. It is possible to share your photos with everyone.


The planning should take place at least six months before the ceremony. The following aspects should be checked six months before the wedding ceremony:

  • Preparation of guest lists
  • Dispatch ‘save the date’ cards
  • Hotel accommodation confirmation for out-of-town guests
  • Engagement announcement in newspaper
  • Selection of wedding gown/suit
  • List of attendees (bridesmaids/groomsmen)
  • Wedding cake design estimate
  • Diet and exercise program
  • Beauty preparations
  • Honeymoon plans
  • Dance lessons

Four months before

  • The following services and confirmations should take place four months before the wedding ceremony:
  • Final details confirmation with caterer
  • Shop items necessary for ceremony and reception
  • Order invitation cards, thank you notes and personal items
  • Discuss specifics with photographer
  • Flowers and floral arrangements at wedding and reception
  • Balloons, decorations and favors at wedding and reception
  • Hotel room for wedding night

Three months before

  • Order wedding rings
  • Tuxedos for groomsmen and fathers
  • Accessories for bridesmaids

Two months before wedding

  • Send invitations (six weeks before the wedding)
  • Send invitations in eight weeks before wedding for out-of-town invitees
  • Buy wedding gift for your spouse
  • Buy gifts for attendants and helpers
  • Accommodation for out-of-town guests should be finalized

One month before wedding

  • There will be hectic activity a few weeks before the wedding. Hence, the planning should be done and implemented in the best possible way.
  • Accessories, lingerie and shoes for bride
  • Should go for a trail run with beauty consultant
  • Final gown fitting session
  • Bridal portrait
  • Groomsmen should be registered and measured at formal wear store
  • Seating arrangements for rehearsal dinner and reception
  • Review the checklist
  • Change of address information should be updated at the post office
  • Thank you notes for showers and wedding gifts

Two weeks before

  • Get marriage license
  • Send rehearsal invitations
  • Review all arrangements
  • Confirm transportation plans
  • Check with all vendors and professional service providers

One week before

  • Attend the rehearsal dinner and present gifts to attendants
  • The best man will get ring and clergy’s fee
  • Organize gown/ suit to go for the ceremony
  • Get manicure and pedicure

On wedding day

  • Mail wedding announcements
  • Hair stylist will attend and makeup artist will prepare you

When you make all arrangements in a systematic way, the wedding ceremony will take place very efficiently and guests will have a great time.

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